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"Giving to benefit 'people you care about' is really the best reason for giving that we can all relate to, no matter who we are."

The Foundation is actively engaged in making grants, lobbying and advocacy activities, and educating ourselves, and others, on subjects ranging from environmental issues to medical research to philanthropy.

You can read further details about our past efforts on the following pages:

At any given time, one staff member may be building a coalition of organizations to address a political issue, while another is reviewing a funding proposal from a local arts organization and a third is working with our Scientific Advisory Board to identify the promising projects or scientists in a specific area of medical research.

Since we believe in disseminating information as widely as possible via the Internet, we plan to provide up-to-date information about our progress, successes, challenges, and grant recipients on this site. We hope this will be an educational and informational resource for you and that you will visit us regularly.

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