steve and michele kirsch's reasons for giving

"Since the best things in life are not all that expensive, what else are you going to do with the money?"

Part of the Foundation’s objective is to encourage more individuals, whether wealthy or of modest means, to give more to charity. Our founders, Steve and Michele Kirsch, are passionate about the importance of, and satisfaction associated with, giving. They also believe that people would give more if they knew their options for setting up charitable funds, had easier access to information about charities, and could make charitable contributions through a variety of means, whether over the Internet, through stock gifts, or traditional cash contributions and whether through a private foundation, a donor-advised fund at a community foundation or commercial enterprise, or simply through individual activities.

The following pages offer some "food for thought":

The ultimate decision about whether and where to give, of course, depends on what causes make you feel passionate, how much you can afford to contribute to charities, and how you want to structure your philanthropy.

The bottom line: We urge you to give what you can and give to those causes and organizations in which you believe.

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