About Philanthropy

Philanthropy has come a long way since the early 1900's. The following sections provide an overview of its development as well as a snapshot of more recent giving trends, including the high-tech boom in the late 90's and the newest efforts in social venture philanthropy and social entrepreneurship.

The website The Future of Philanthropy is designed for individuals who want to be more effective with their own resources (money, time, expertise) and for philanthropy professionals or advisors. Its primary purpose is to help improve the practice of philanthropy, but it also provides tools for those who are working to change philanthropy.

You may also want to read about other philanthropists, including George Soros and Jeff Skoll, for their approaches to philanthropy.

To take part in a discussion about current trends in philanthropy and social entrepreneurship, visit Social Edge.

Studies on Giving
Boston College’s Center on Wealth and Philanthropy released "Wealth Transfer Estimates for African American Households," a study examining the trends in philanthropic giving in African-American households.

Community Foundation Silicon Valley conducted a similar study “Familia, Fé y Comunidad - Giving and Volunteering among Silicon Valley Hispanics” based on a survey, interviews, a focus group, and current literature on Hispanic philanthropy. A Spanish version (un reporte en espanol) of the report is also available.

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