Press Coverage

Given Steve Kirsch’s visibility in the high-tech and philanthropic worlds, there is often publicity about the Foundation and the Kirsches’ charitable activities in the press. Many of our grant recipients are also recognized publicly for the work they do and there are educational articles about various topics to which we are committed.

Brief summaries of articles, including the name and date of publication, are provided in this section. Due to the short shelf-life of article links in daily publications, you may find that the direct link no longer leads to the article. We have also provided the publication's URL so that you can request an archived article, usually for a fee, if you want to read one in its entirety. Articles are listed with the most recent articles shown first.

If your organization has received a grant from us and would like us to know about recent publicity you’ve received, email the article or web site link to us at staff* (change * to @).You may also email us at the same address if you want to suggest an article on an environmental or philanthropic topic that you think we should post on our site.

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