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"Some time ago, I was attending funeral services for a young man who died in a tragic diving accident. In the eulogy, the minister quoted a phrase and, while I do not recall the author, I'll never forget the phrase. The minister said, 'One's life should be remembered not by one's duration, but by one's donation'."

Grants Awarded

  • We believe in disclosing our reasons for supporting an organization and the grant amount so that potential applicants can determine if their projects are a "good fit" for the Foundation or if they are duplicative of grants already made.
  • We think that other donors may find it useful to know that we funded a particular project and why we chose to support it.
  • We are committed to providing timely, accurate information on the organizations and projects we support, as well as an historical record.

You can review grants that we have made and link to the organizations that we have supported through each year’s listing of grants. They are listed alphabetically within each category: Environmental, Kirsch Investigator Awards Program (Medical), Medical and Scientific Projects, Silicon Valley Community, and Discretionary.

Disclaimer: All information about grant recipients was accurate and their links were operational at the time the site was established. It is the responsibility of the organizations that received grants to notify the Kirsch Foundation of any URL changes. If you discover that a link is not operational, you may notify the Kirsch Foundation at: staff* (change * to @)

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