December 21 Update:

Changes at the Kirsch Foundation
In October 2007, the Kirsch Foundation announced a major change in direction for the organization. After extensive deliberation, the Foundation’s Board of Directors made a decision to invest a substantial portion of its assets into research associated with Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia. The Board came to learn about this rare blood cancer through Founder Steve Kirsch’s diagnosis with the disease in August. Read the full statement from Susan Frank, former Kirsch Foundation President & CEO. As a result of these changes, the Foundation is now focused on cancer research. The Board approved three $100,000 grants in December 2007 to the following organizations:

As the Kirsch Foundation is now a non-staffed supporting organization of Silicon Valley Community Foundation, this web site will no longer be updated. To contact someone at the community foundation, please call Nancy Forker, Executive Assistant to the Chief of Staff, at (650) 450-5527.

The Kirsch Foundation Board of Directors thanks all of its grantees and colleagues – past and present – for your partnership over the years.

If you want to read the Foundation's archived What's New, select from the list below.

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